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Defense of NP before UTC Greg Eck (Saturday, 26 December)

U+1824/U+1826 F+FVS2 tick Greg Eck (Wednesday, 23 December)

č with two dots (ṣādhē) Andrew West (Monday, 21 December)

Dotted u and ü Andrew West (Monday, 21 December)

Resolving the NNBSP problem (Wednesday, 16 December)

Final Wrapup Greg Eck (Tuesday, 15 December)

Final Wrapup Greg Eck (Monday, 14 December)

Report on Meeting with Prof. Quejingzhabu Greg Eck (Sunday, 6 December)

Mongolian picker and variants (Sunday, 22 November)

[OT] request for Mongolian translation (Friday, 20 November)

Document/example log updated (Friday, 20 November)

Fwd: RE: FVS Assignment Mismatch Wrapup (Friday, 20 November)

Some remaining issues, mainly Manchu Martin Heijdra (Monday, 16 November)

Action Points Greg Eck (Tuesday, 10 November)

U+1885 / U+1886 changed from Letter to Mark Greg Eck (Monday, 9 November)

RE: U+180A Nirugu / U+1807 Sibe Syllable Marker Greg Eck (Monday, 9 November)

U+182C/U+182D ligature (Monday, 2 November)

U+1867 Final Greg Eck (Saturday, 31 October)

Link to Mongolian Government Law Greg Eck (Tuesday, 27 October)

U+180A Nirugu Greg Eck (Tuesday, 27 October)

U+182C/U+1832 Greg Eck (Monday, 26 October)

U+1868/U+1869 Greg Eck (Monday, 26 October)

U+1864 Final Greg Eck (Monday, 26 October)

U+185E M+FVS2 Greg Eck (Monday, 26 October)

RE: U+1889 Isolate Plus 1828/182D/1833 Greg Eck (Sunday, 25 October)

U+1892/1893 Greg Eck (Sunday, 25 October)

U+188A Medial Greg Eck (Sunday, 25 October)

RE: Ali Gali U+1887/1888 Greg Eck (Sunday, 25 October)

Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants Badral S. (Sunday, 25 October)

U+1889 Isolate Greg Eck (Saturday, 24 October)

Current Status - Mongolian, Todo, Manchu mostly done Greg Eck (Saturday, 24 October)

Ali Gali U+1887 Greg Eck (Saturday, 24 October)

1877 - Manchu advice needed Greg Eck (Wednesday, 21 October)

Summary 1820-185D Greg Eck (Monday, 19 October)

Sibe Range Head Forms, Postional Forms, Variant Forms - Final Looks Greg Eck (Sunday, 18 October)

Todo variants - MenkhSoft Greg Eck (Saturday, 17 October)

Todo variants - White Greg Eck (Saturday, 17 October)

RE: Summary of what we have covered ... Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+184E Isolate Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+184B Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+184A Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+1843 Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

Font Comparator Site is up to date Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+1833 Medial+FVS2 Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+1842 Greg Eck (Thursday, 15 October)

U+1830 F+FVS1 Greg Eck (Wednesday, 14 October)

U+182C - finalizing all variants Greg Eck (Friday, 9 October)

U+1822 - finalizing all variants Greg Eck (Friday, 9 October)

U+1820 - finalizing all variants Greg Eck (Friday, 9 October)

Sibe/Manchu Isolates Greg Eck (Friday, 9 October)

Two Final Threads - Diphthongs / Final glyph checks Greg Eck (Tuesday, 6 October)

Current status shown in Mongolian Variants document Richard Ishida (Monday, 5 October)

Sibe / Manchu Isolates Greg Eck (Saturday, 3 October)

Sibe/Manchu Isolates Greg Eck (Saturday, 3 October)

RE: Emailing: Isolate Comparision between fonts.docx Greg Eck (Saturday, 3 October)

1824/1826 Isolates Greg Eck (Saturday, 3 October)

FW: FW: 1824/1826 Isolate Greg Eck (Saturday, 3 October)

Fwd: UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation, update to improve Mongolian word segmentation Richard Ishida (Thursday, 1 October)

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