RE: Two Final Threads - Diphthongs / Final glyph checks


Could you confirm that the following is our agreed upon specification for the Medial U+1836?

If not, could you modify it such that it matches your desired specification?

As I understand you are ok with this specification except that you want to add one line
Is that correct? If not, could you modify the above so that it matches your desired specification?


Sent: Friday, November 20, 2015 11:53 AM
Subject: RE: Two Final Threads - Diphthongs / Final glyph checks

It is not acceptable for using any kind of FVS (1 or 2, or 3) for SAYIQAN (meaning “recently”).
The medial form  [cid:image001.png@01D12390.314F7A10]   is definitely the first medial form YI. It is not the second or third.

Please check the following related document,
All of them called the []  is the first medial form of YA  and []  is the second medial form of YA.

1.     Professor Quejingzhabu’s book “The Mongolian Encoding”

2.     GB 26226-2010 standard of China which is we are refereeing mainly.

3.     TR170 document which is you are refereeing mainly.

4.     Previous USVL document.

The naming of medial YA in these document is matching Mongolian tradition and exactly correct.
But these book all call []  as first medial form of YA, but there are extra encoding with FVS1.
It is the main problem of this issue. We are proposing to correct this mistake to match the real word,
Or discarding the contradictory parts in these documents.

Please do not forget the medial form[] is used before other vowel, A, E, O, U, OE, UE, EE in large amount of words.

The []  is only one special form before I in the medial position in the word. It should be the second variant of the YA.


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