Re: U+1889 Isolate

Hi Greg and all,
I agree with the 1889. I just reviewed and raised following 
1. Why we should not switch U+1828 medial and U+1828 medial + FSV1?
2. Why we should not switch U+1833 medial and U+1833 medial + FSV1?
3. Why we should not switch U+182D medial and U+182D medial + FSV1?
Main writing rule of Mongolian is the alternation of consonants and 
vowels. All subscribers in this list know it.
Hence, we can easily recognise (without any statistics etc.) which 
variants are more frequently occur especially in the middle of a word. 
What do you think? Before vowel variant or before consonant variant?
In Mongolian, consonants are not usable as separate character. That's 
why we spell all consonants as syllable like DA, NA, GA etc. Here A 
means a vowel and seems as vowel. Then, why we don't select the form 
before A(Vowel) but select the exceptional (devsger) variants as default?
I think, it makes no sense and longer typing as well as inefficient 
linguistic processing.
4. What's difference between U+182D final and U+182D final + FSV1?


On 24.10.2015 11:37, Greg Eck wrote:
> Hi Badral,
> Can you agree with the 1889 Isolate with short descender below as the 
> standard?
> If so, then we are all in agreement on the isolate.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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