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I may be using it in a non-standard sense, but my use of the term over-ride is when the standard context of the default glyph does not render the default glyph but instead another glyph. An example would be найма (eight) where NAIMA is rendered    with no FVS, but NAI+FVS2+MA is rendered  . The FVS2 assignment is  needed to get the default single-shilbe back where the context tells the shaping engine to render the double-shilbe.


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Subject: Off-Topic: Overriding

Hi all,
I just want to ensure my understanding of "overriding" because I am unsure when I read "override #x" threads from the list history.
I have always understood that an overriding is the invalidation of OTF rules. Is it correct or incorrect? Can someone clarify it just in one sentence?

Badral Sanlig, Software architect

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