RE: Ali Gali U+1887/1888

Hi Jirimutu,

1.) Noted.
2.) OK, I am marking the row green with your explanation for the White/Menkhsoft. There will be variation here as the position is not specified.
3.) Noted.
Please check my updates to the site in the next few days to see if we have updated according to your understanding.

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Subject: RE: Ali Gali U+1887

For U+1887_ALIGALI_A, all of the linguists say there only isolate and final forms.
They says no initial and medial form. I will be not able to provide any kind of documentation for this two variant forms.

The reason why we selected the Initial form and medial form is

1.     Some of linguists see this character as the special variant form (Only when transcript Sanskrit ? ) of A (phonetic).

When we give this variant form separate Unicode code point it become U+1887.

But we show the isolate form on the Initial position and medial position, it is not like Mongolian text itself.

2.     According to Mongolian writing common rule, Mongolian Initial form should not have any kind of tail, while Medial form have no any king of head and any kind of tail.

We followed this rule and created this two Initial and Medial form of U+1887_ALIGALI_A. (I think maybe MenkSoft have same consideration on their medial form of the character)

3.     Character U+1888_ALIGALI_I is exactly same situation with the U+1887_ALGALI_A, but U+1888_ALGALI_I have all isolate, Initial, Medial, Final form, some of them is same with U+1822_I.

I think U+1887_ALIGALI_A should follow same rule with U+1888_ALIGALI_I, select  one of the Initial and Medial form of  U+1820_A to remain the encoding list's completeness and  support the Mongolian writing's harmony.

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