RE: U+180A Nirugu / U+1807 Sibe Syllable Marker

Hi Andrew,
As of this note, I am retracting my suggestion that U+1807 / U+180A features be modified.
I just did some testing with both and find that the new FVS1 for the hooked U+180A seems to shape fine.
U+1807, at least in the BAITI implementation, seems to be shaping fine as well.
For future reference, I would suggest that the arabicshaping.txt parameter of “C” assigned to U+180A should probably be “D” as found with the U+1807.
I hesitate to push the issue further at this point in time as it would take further testing to verify this.
Further, I am not very familiar with the U+1807 shaping behavior.
So, let’s say that this matter is closed, but leave the comment on reference for future discussions when someone does further research on the two code-points.

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To: Andrew West <>
Subject: RE: U+180A Nirugu / U+1807 Sibe Syllable Marker

Hi Andrew,
OK, let me think on it more … work on it some.
Back to you soon.

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