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On 02.11.2015 22:43, Richard Wordingham wrote:
> It sounds as though you have a problem with your font compiler.  Are
> you not in control of how it converts substitution rules to the GSUB
> tale?
> I may be worrying too much about whether the renderer will remove the
> glyphs derived from variation selectors.  Have you tried your font
> with M17n?
We are using VOLT to manage substitution rules. Because, the generated 
fonts using fontforge or fontlab couldn't be properly rendered on 
Microsoft Office suite at typing. (tested Office 2007) But works on 
other writing software such as OpenOffice, and/or other Unicode 
supported editors.
I don't know, how it was for other font developers. Please comment.

BTW: If exist, I will try to find some rules from our svn history.

> Richard.

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