Re: Sibe Range Head Forms, Postional Forms, Variant Forms - Final Looks

Hi Greg,

I found that mvs+a(final_a+FVS2) used in early manchu document.

If it is true, may be mvs+e(U+185D, final_e+FVS2) is needed.


On 2015/10/18 17:22, Greg Eck wrote:
> We are past the Todo range now and looking at the Sibe range.
> The default isolates are still in disarray 
> One question that I have had  two actually 
> 1.)U+185D shows one variant  I have in my notes to watch to another 
> final variant to show up  does anyone have any evidence of more than 
> two glyphs for the final position at U+185D?
> 2.)Same question is raised for U+1860  I have in my notes to watch 
> for an undotted form of the 1860 Final+FVS2  does anyone have a 
> comment on this?
> Greg

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