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There is no  initial,middle,(final) feminine H(182C) ?


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> Here is a summary I sent out earlier and updated up to today.
> Greg
> 1.)MVS Model  Not too much variation, not too much of a problem  no 
> change to implementation
> 2.)NNBSP Model  Great problems leading to major changes in the 
> features associated with U+202F  resolution in process
> Action Point  Contact Adobe about the loss of NNBSP upon cut/paste
> Action Point  Track progress of the NNBSP changes through the UTC
> 3.)FVS Assignment Mismatch  Dealing primarily with U+1820, U+1828, 
> U+182C, U+182D, U+1835, U+1836
> Action Point  Present the two views to the UTC. Ask them to arbitrate 
> and help choose which way the specification should proceed. The main 
> point of making everyone aware of the situation has been achieved. If 
> no change is resultant, a good measure of success has already been 
> obtained in just discussing the matter between font developers. 1820 
> suggests a variant move from medial to initial. 1828 suggests a 
> variant move from medial to final.
> 182C suggests a variant move from medial to final. 182D suggests a 
> variant move from medial to final; 1835 suggests a variant move from 
> medial to final. 1836 suggests a variant move from medial to final.
> 4.)Over-Ride Assignments  Dealing primarily with U+1822, U+1828, U+182D
> Action Point  Publish final algorithms for common method of 
> over-ride; make statement in DS01 regarding toggle of 1828 medial/182D 
> medial.
> Action Point  New variants at *1822* M+FVS2/FVS3/F+FVS1; *1824* 
> IS+FVS1/FVS2/F+FVS1; *1826* IS+FVS2/FVS3; *1828* M+FVS2; *182D* 
> 5.)Isolates  Dealing primarily with Mongolian (U+1824, U+1826) Sibe 
> (U+185D, U+185E, U+1861, U+1863, U+1868) and Manchu (U+1873, U+1874)
> Status: There has been a lot discussed in the Mongolian area in 
> particular. As the remaining scripts were less troublesome, I 
> suggested that we included the Isolate items in the Final 
> Walk-through. *Ongoing *//
> /6.)/Individual Character Differences by Font//
> Status  Update Ishida Site and each developer consider where they can 
> change glyph shaping behavior in order to attain more uniformity and 
> *ultimately an agreed-upon standard Unicode Standardized Variants 
> Listing (USVL)*. Currently up to U+184E. Tracking is done on the Font 
> Comparator Site ( 
> ) *Ongoing *
> 7.)Dipththongs
> Action Point  Several items discussed; abstract of article by Liang 
> Bou done by Jirimutu. Finished.
> 8.)U+180A, U+1807
> Action Point: Change features to consider as a connected letter rather 
> than unconnected
> Target Date: Finish discussions by end October

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