RE: U+1885 / U+1886 changed from Letter to Mark

I would not do ruby/furigana for Mongolian, this is not a complication we need here.
BTW, it would be great to have some proposal for these changes presented at the UTC end of January. I have already implemented a version of DS01 in the CD5.2 10646 which is the Unicode 9.0 backbone for Mongolian but will obviously update accordingly to the decision/consensus of this group. If we move category from letter to mark and some of these are combining marks we also need to show a dotted circle with them, that is an easy change from a chart production point of view.

You can already check the current charts including Mongolian in 

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>> Richard,
>> What do you mean by a ruby - in your comment below?
> 'ruby' is an interlinear or intercharacter (in Trad Chinese) 
> annotation commonly used in Japanese and Chinese to provide phonetic 
> glosses for han characters that the user is not expected to know.  It 
> can also be used for other more semantic purposes.
> see for examples

it may be referred to in japanese as furigana (although actually furigana is only the type of annotation that uses kana annotations – for example, you can also find furikanji and roman annotations).


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