č with two dots (ṣādhē)

Dear Greg and experts,

I have a correspondent in Buryatia who is working on the records of the
Buryats in the Barguzin Steppe Duma.  These documents use a letter č ᠴ with
two dots on the right (this letter is named ṣādhē) for representing the
sound š.  This feature is described in Цыдендамбаев Ц. Б. Бурятские
исторические хроники и родословные [Buryat historical chronicles and
genealogies] (Улан-Удэ, 1972) p. 556.  An example of the letter is shown
below (sorry for the poor quality, we are trying to obtain better images).

My correspondent wants to write a proposal to encode this letter in
Unicode, and I agree that it is more appropriate to encode it as a separate
letter than to represent it as a variation sequence.  I wonder if anyone
here has encountered this letter, or has any opinions on encoding it.

Best Regards,


Received on Monday, 21 December 2015 11:39:25 UTC