RE: Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants

Hi Badral and All,

I have different opinion with Badral on the Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants.

I think it is better to select the Medial Form Before Consonant is prior than the Medial Form Before Vowel.

It is because, 
1) When we can select default form (Medial Form Before Consonant) first and switch the form under the condition if it is before vowel. 
There are only 8 vowels in Mongolian and it is less than the count of the consonant, and easier to write the condition. 
2) When we use ZWJ and NIRUGU before and after these character, it is better to show the non-vowel medial form. Because there are no vowel actually.
   It is the most regular usage case in Two Word Names (People's Name or Place Name).
3) There are a lot of existing documents already in there (In Inner Mongolia, there are a lot kind of documents already created by 5-6 kinds of existing Fonts. 
   It is not just only MenkSoft, Almas Font already covers 40% of the usage, and there are Mongolian Baiti, FangZheng, HuaGuang, Inner Mongolia University Computer Science Institutes 
   are providing Mongolian Font in Inner Mongolia.
4) I have raised my opinion in
   I have wrote the basic rule as "we can select the one written before consonant form first(use FVS1), and select the form
written before vowel comes next(FVS2)." in the document.  I wrote here FVS1 and FVS2 is the selecting the priority sequence example.
What I mean is the form written before consonant is prior than written before vowel. 

Thanks to your understanding.

Best Regards,

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Hi Andrew & Greg,
I think the impact is slight because:
1. Most existing Mongolian data has still own encoding (non-unicode). In Mongolia, mostly used the fonts CM Urga, Ulaanbaatar etc. For instance:, ...
In inner Mongolia used mostly Menkhsoft's solution. Please comment Menksoft's representatives.
2. Most mongolian unicode data created using Mongolian script font, which has 15 years long correct default variants. In inner Mongolia used probably Mongolian Baiti. Mongolian Baiti was/is itself very unstable. 
For instance, as I know, it has in 2011 "Bichig" as "Bichig+fvs1" 
encoded. or? It means the existing mongolian unicode data is itself really not stable. If we change it to correct variant, we would implement normalisation tool for unicode mongolian data and distribute it freely.
3. I tend to think, the current default forms are not standardized globally. If not, can you redirect me and give me some references?


On 25.10.2015 13:48, Andrew West wrote:
> On 25 October 2015 at 03:11, Badral S. <> wrote:
>> 1. Why we should not switch current U+1828 medial and U+1828 medial + FSV1?
>> 2. Why we should not switch current U+1833 medial and U+1833 medial + FSV1?
>> 3. Why we should not switch current U+182D medial and U+182D medial + FSV1?
> Because it would destabilize existing Mongolian data.  In my opinion, 
> we should not switch existing FVS's, even when the alternative would 
> have made more sense for the reasons you mention.
> Andrew

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