Mongolian picker and variants

i have a web app that allows you to type a string of Mongolian 
characters, or paste in Mongolian text for analysis.

i have just updated it to reflect the variant shape choices we have been 
discussing. Each time you click on a character in the selection area, it 
shows a list of variant forms that should correspond to (You can also set it 
to show forms just by hovering over characters.) Click on Show Notes, 
and read the section Variant Selector Box for more information.

i mention this here because it may be useful for experimentation or 
quick lookup. It provides an easy way to check what shapes should be 
produced and what shapes are produced by a given font. (You can specify 
which font the app should use for display of the output.)

it only covers Mongolian language needs (not Todo, Sibe, etc), but 
perhaps it may be useful.


Received on Sunday, 22 November 2015 12:23:15 UTC