RE: Final Wrapup

Hi Jirimutu,
I have made comments below in yellow.

Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 9:21 AM
Subject: RE: Final Wrapup

Ø  Adobe Acrobat dropping NNBSP upon cut-and-paste. Jirimutu, are you going to follow-up on this one?

I was not able to contact the proper person in Adobe yet. I would like to ask if any member know who can response on this ?
Not sure who to recommend here – can others pass Jirimutu a reference at Adobe?

We were waiting your full list document to check what is changed, what is return back to the situation before the forum.
Or all of the discussion is rolled back ? or only small part ? and is it acceptable ? I cannot give our answer.
I have made special annotations to the current DS01 (as attached) showing the changes before and after our discussions in Hohot

Or we are preparing the total brand new detailed definition of the Unicode Mongolian utilization.

As my understanding of the GB26226-2010, we can accept most of the opinion of the standard, beside the U1836_Y medial and U1838_W medial.
I will ask this issue pending till I have confirmed with our users. If it is acceptable or not ?
I, personally, plan to stop work on forum discussions by end of year. The UTC will meet sometime around January. I hope to have consensus from forum participants in the current DS01 document as well as the to-be-updated Font Comparator Site by then so that I can represent our conclusions to the UTC in January.

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