Two Final Threads - Diphthongs / Final glyph checks

I suggest we leave the Isolate discussion as it is for now and finish our isolate discussion by looking at each code-point one by one. I am submitting changes to Richard Ishida for the Comparison Site now. With these changes I feel that we are finished with 1820-182B. Please watch the site for all items within that range to go green and much of the orange to disappear.

With that I suggest that we invite Jirimutu and team to lead a discussion on diphthongs as we have not been able to have that yet. Would that be possible, Jirimutu?

On my end, I will lead us down the 1820-18AA range and consider one by one differences still outstanding.

I suggest that we set a goal of October 30 to finish our discussions.


Received on Tuesday, 6 October 2015 16:10:12 UTC