RE: Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants

Hi Badral,

No, we don't want to toss the TR170 - it is a masterpiece and matches the MGWBM in most respects except for a few areas as you mention.
The sad part of the story is that the MGWBM got more advertisement in the early days and so we end up with the U+1828, U+182D, U+1833 medial defaults as follow the MGWBM instead of the TR170.


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Subject: Re: Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants

Please see the chapter "3. The Variant Forms" on page 12-16 just one time again. I already marked some points. We may disregard GA because it is not explicitly defined in the mapping table. DA and NA are already defined explicit.
Should we hold TR170 and correct and improve it or should we blame and refuse and ignore it?
I tend to think, we need to decide now, either we take TR170 or throw it into the bin.


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