RE: Summary of what we have covered ...

Here is a summary I sent out earlier and updated up to today.


1.)    MVS Model - Not too much variation, not too much of a problem - no change to implementation

2.)    NNBSP Model - Great problems leading to major changes in the features associated with U+202F - resolution in process

Action Point - Contact Adobe about the loss of NNBSP upon cut/paste

Action Point - Track progress of the NNBSP changes through the UTC

3.)    FVS Assignment Mismatch - Dealing primarily with U+1820, U+1828, U+182C, U+182D, U+1835, U+1836

Action Point - Present the two views to the UTC. Ask them to arbitrate and help choose which way the specification should proceed. The main point of making everyone aware of the situation has been achieved. If no change is resultant, a good measure of success has already been obtained in just discussing the matter between font developers. 1820 suggests a variant move from medial to initial. 1828 suggests a variant move from medial to final.

182C suggests a variant move from medial to final. 182D suggests a variant move from medial to final; 1835 suggests a variant move from medial to final. 1836 suggests a variant move from medial to final.

4.)    Over-Ride Assignments - Dealing primarily with U+1822, U+1828, U+182D

Action Point - Publish final algorithms for common method of over-ride; make statement in DS01 regarding toggle of 1828 medial/182D medial.

Action Point - New variants at 1822 M+FVS2/FVS3/F+FVS1; 1824 IS+FVS1/FVS2/F+FVS1; 1826 IS+FVS2/FVS3; 1828 M+FVS2; 182D I+FVS2;M+FVS2

5.)    Isolates - Dealing primarily with Mongolian (U+1824, U+1826) Sibe (U+185D, U+185E, U+1861, U+1863, U+1868) and Manchu (U+1873, U+1874)

Status: There has been a lot discussed in the Mongolian area in particular. As the remaining scripts were less troublesome, I suggested that we included the Isolate items in the Final Walk-through. Ongoing ...

6.)    Individual Character Differences by Font

Status - Update Ishida Site and each developer consider where they can change glyph shaping behavior in order to attain more uniformity and ultimately an agreed-upon standard Unicode Standardized Variants Listing (USVL).  Currently up to U+184E. Tracking is done on the Font Comparator Site ( ) Ongoing ...

7.)    Dipththongs

Action Point - Several items discussed; abstract of article by Liang Bou done by Jirimutu. Finished.

8.)    U+180A, U+1807

Action Point: Change features to consider as a connected letter rather than unconnected

Target Date: Finish discussions by end October

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