RE: Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants

Hi Badral, Jirimutu,

I am still reading through the emails of the day, so will take a bit to respond.

One thing that is a bit alarming however is the concern about FVS usage. I consider the amount of FVS usage in daily contemporary language to be pretty low. Can we do this so that we have some quantifiable data to compare against. Let's each of us take our lexical stem database and count the FVS1/2/3 usage. I will start and be back with you shortly. If we could sort out foreign words that would be even better. How difficult would this be for either of you? Others of course are welcome to join in.


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Subject: Re: Issues with DA,NA,GA default medial variants
I am confused who is misunderstanding the encodings. Please comment encoding experts. Richard, Andrew, Richard, Greg...


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