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RE: Summary of what we have covered ...

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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 17:16:23 +0900
To: "'Greg Eck'" <greck@postone.net>, "'siqin'" <siqin@almas.co.jp>, <public-i18n-mongolian@w3.org>
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Hi Greg,

According to Erdenchimeg’s post in August 4th , there are one word qqir, is
the example of

Initial feminine  U+182C form.

In Inner Mongolia we all spell it as gqir, but if anyone like to spell it as

we have no reason to reject it actually. It is can be qqir, qgir, gqir, ggir
actually, according to its display form.

We have not find any example word for medial feminine form. But like Siqin’
s raised usage text,

We will display it in the text for explanation.

What our request is leave this two form encoding ( U+182C feminine initial
and medial form) in the Unicode list.

Thanks and Best regards,



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From: Greg Eck [mailto:greck@postone.net]
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To: siqin <siqin@almas.co.jp>; public-i18n-mongolian@w3.org
Subject: RE: Summary of what we have covered ...

Let’s break the question into two parts …

1.)    Do we have an attested Final U+182C? I understand that the answer is
no as it is ungrammatical. Would one ever be justified in spelling a foreign
word with a final U+182C? I am not sure, but it would seem not so. Can we
say, then, that our question does not involve the U+182C Final?

2.)    If the above answer is “No, there is no attested form”, then we are
left with just the U+182C initial and medial feminine forms. On October 9, I
submitted a DS02 document which attempts to show all possible mandatory
ligature forms using the feminine loops. I argue that since the feminine
never actually appears on its own in running script, that since it is rather
the ligated form that only appears, there is really no need to specify the
initial/medial forms. The isolate form allows us to talk about the glyph. No
one commented on the October 9 email, so I took that to mean that there was
no problem there and colored them green. Can you present your argument for
the need to specify U+182C initial and medial feminine loop forms? This
would mean that other developers should also state the need. My question is,
“Does the glyph ever actually get painted to the screen?” If it does not
get painted to the screen, then let’s not specify it.



Sent: Friday, October 16, 2015 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: Summary of what we have covered ...

There is no  initial,middle,(final) feminine H(182C) ?


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