Re: Todo variants - White

Hi Greg,

We take these rules.
1. If there is no except, the Isolate is same as initial.
2. If there is no except, the form of the (todo,sibe,manchu) is same as 

According to todo alphbet table,

U+184F Isolate is same as initial.
U+184F Final is not correct, we will correct it later.

U+1855 Final exists in some todo alphabet table,
     but dit not able to found a sample.
U+1858 Final, may be not exists.
U+1859 Isolate same as initial.


On 2015/10/17 14:56, Greg Eck wrote:
> Hi Jirimutu,
> Here are the final areas where White stands out from the other in Todo 
> U+184F Isolate
> U+184F Final
> mailbox:///D:/siqin/Thunderbird/Profiles/b1ym75zh.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/w3?number=64727158&header=quotebody&part=1.2&filename=image001.png
> U+1855 Final
> mailbox:///D:/siqin/Thunderbird/Profiles/b1ym75zh.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/w3?number=64727158&header=quotebody&part=1.3&filename=image002.png
> U+1858 Final
> mailbox:///D:/siqin/Thunderbird/Profiles/b1ym75zh.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/w3?number=64727158&header=quotebody&part=1.4&filename=image003.png
> U+1859 Isolate
> mailbox:///D:/siqin/Thunderbird/Profiles/b1ym75zh.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/w3?number=64727158&header=quotebody&part=1.5&filename=image004.png
> Can you comment on why your glyph choice does not follow the others?
> Please excuse me if we have already discussed some of these.
> Thanks,
> Greg

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