RE: Two Final Threads - Diphthongs / Final glyph checks

Hi Jirimutu,

To make it very clear, you are saying that

[cid:image001.png@01D11825.F592F300](SAIQAN) is           <U+1830><U+1820><U+1822><U+182C><U+1820><U+1828>
[cid:image002.png@01D11825.F592F300] (SAYIQAN) is       <U+1830><U+1820><U+1836><U+1822><U+182C><U+1820><U+1828>?

AND there should be no FVS involved?

Does someone have time to pull up Siqin’s list in text form again? It should be both in text and .xps format. I believe Baiti has resolved most of the diphthongs without use of the FVS, but if we had some mutually accessible test data, we could all check our font against the same data.


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Subject: RE: Two Final Threads - Diphthongs / Final glyph checks

I have attached the XPS format file of Reply_to_Badral.pdf.
Hope this works.

>Having troubles with the pdf because it drops the NNBSP upon cut/paste.
>That is one ACTION POINT that we need to address shortly.
Yes. I would like to know who is from Adobe Systems ?
I would like to communicate with them regarding the adobe products like InDesign support Mongolian as well.


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