RE: Current status shown in Mongolian Variants document

We might also say that if one party wants to turn a line from brown/orange to green, they should write to Richard or me, copy the group, and explain the rationale. Maybe you are the only stake-holder turning the item non-white/non-green and you can shift your display in line with the others - just write Richard or I to that effect. An example might be U+1844 which has only one item standing in the brown. Almas may want to write and say that the extender being longer than the rest is not so important, please make the extender the same length as the rest, and the line goes green. This is just an example.

Richard, Is this a new address - ? I am getting errors on it as not displayable. Thank you for the good set of changes made to the site.


With Greg's help, i have updated the document "Notes on Mongolian variant forms" to reflect more clearly where we have reached consensus and what we still need to agree on.

Where there are divergences but it is believed that agreement has been reached on a way forward, the left-hand column is coloured green and a description of the resolution is given in the notes below the table.

The NP column shows the latest thinking about which shape should be associated with which fvs.

Rows that start with a colour other than green still need discussion (Greg has a plan for tackling those).

It's great to see that we have made progress, and i look forward to closing out the other items soon.

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