RE: U+1892/1893

OK, sounds good.
Glad to hear that we have the Inner Mongolian expert's counsel on Ali Gali.
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2015 3:47 PM
Subject: RE: U+1892/1893

Sorry for my response late. I was trying to confirm this with Professor Shonghor and Professor Batu in Academy of Social Sciences in
Inner Mongolia. They are ALI-GALI expert I am referencing. But I was not able to contact in these two days yet.
As my memory, it seam there no final form documented for these ALI-GALI characters as well.

But I know all of these characters are created by imitating the Mongolian Character U+182B_PA or U+1839_FA or U+182A_BA etc.
According to the original character's writing rule, if these character not defined the final form, we have selected the same tails with the original characters.
It will be beatify the Mongolian Script's writing.
If any linguists say the Final form of these characters are same with its Medial form, it is ok to us to follow the opinion.
After I have reply from the two experts, let me send to all.


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