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U+180A Nirugu should have exactly same form in Initial, Medial, Final and Isolate default form. 

Otherwise it will lost the meaning of NIRUGU ( backbone ), if we need any kinds of variant form definition, we should use FVS1-3.


The usage of NIRUGU should have same with ZWJ but NIRUGU have its own length and rectangle shape with same width with other character’s backbone part.

But BIRIGU is Mongolian Character not punctuation, while U+1807  TODO Hyphen is a punctuation.


We use it in following case

1)     Use it as ZWJ with longer backbone for initial, medial, and final form of the Mongolian Characters

2)     Use it between Initial E and N to distinguish between the A, ᠡ᠊ᠨᠳᠡ · ᠠᠳᠠ 

3)     Use it between two word Name (People’s name and Place Name) ᠠᠯᠲᠠᠨ᠊ᠣ᠋ᠳᠣ


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From: Greg Eck [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 10:32 AM
Subject: U+180A Nirugu


Hi Jirimutu,


OK, then we will not do anything further on the U+182C/U+1832 as mentioned below.


U+180A Nirugu and U+1807 Sibe Syllable Boundary Marker are the two items that I have left on my discussion list. Let’s go ahead and talk about them now as you have just raised the Nirugu. The Nirugu acts in all ways like a character. Currently it has a medial. Professor Quejingzhabu has requested a final. I don’t see any reason why it should not have an initial also. We need to change the features associated with U+180A such that it can be a full character. Are you in agreement with that? Others? In this way, we could effect the thought you have mentioned below without the FVS assignment.


As far as glyph shapes, I see the initial and medial being essentially the same. Final would have a small hook bearing to the left. I can present Prof. Quejingzhabu’s image shortly.


Regarding the U+1807, I will start another thread on it. Essentially, I am proposing that they both act as characters, so they should have all features inherent to characters.




Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 8:55 AM
Subject: RE: U+182C/U+1832


*  Another U+182C Final variant (FVS2) for the feminine form – I am not familiar with this – would you like to discuss it further.

We are Ok for this U+182C Final variant (FVS2) for the feminine form not to be encoded, if there are any kind of disagreement. 

It is only for the encoding table completeness.

*  A tailed U+1832 isolate glyph (?FVS1) – can you describe this further also.

Actually, there are some posibilities for most of consonant have small tailed isolate (odoi suul) form. but it is not regularly used. 

Now I am intending to ignore this kind of tailed consonant isolate form.

we can handle it using the final form or other method.


Maybe we need one small tailed isolate (odoi suul) display form to unify the usgae.

It can be the  Final Variant Form of NIRUGU with FVS1 or we use ALIGALI U+1888_I final form with FVS1.



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