Report on Meeting with Prof. Quejingzhabu

I am attaching my notes from meetings with Professor Quejingzhabu in Hohot last week. I have had a few days now to process my thoughts from the talks and present in the attached file both the main points that we discussed as well as conclusions drawn. Comments are welcome.

I am suggesting the following action points:


1.)           Come to agreement on the principles used to select the isolates for non-assigned consonants.  This set of principles will allow us to drive the actual determination of such isolates without bias on any one party’s personal views.

2.)           Given that we come to agreement on #1 above, then we propose the 10 consonantal isolates as listed (blue highlighted items).

3.)           I suggest that we propose the 15 Unicode FVS assignments as shown in the attached chart (grey highlighted items).

4.)           I suggest that we propose the 6 new variants for FVS assignments (yellow highlighted items) as final variants.

FVS MisMatch Situation

1.)           Change the NP such that it does not reflect the FVS Mis-Match change as discussed earlier.

Special Spelling Cases – FYI only

Ligature Discussion – FYI only

Special Letters –  FYI only


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