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why not MediaQueryList.onchange Jochen Eisinger (Monday, 31 March)

Re: [css-grid][editorial] Spec typo in example 5 Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 31 March)

[css-counter-styles] bikeshedding @counter-style override fantasai (Monday, 31 March)

[css-text] example 16 named entity Philippe Wittenbergh (Saturday, 29 March)

[css-counter-styles] position keywords in list-style Xidorn Quan (Saturday, 29 March)

Re: [selectors] "Match a selector" vs. ordering and pseudo-elements Tab Atkins Jr. (Saturday, 29 March)

[css-syntax] Problem with 'Consume a name' Johannes Koch (Friday, 28 March)

[CSSWG][css-flexbox] Last Call for Comments on updated Flexible Box Layout fantasai (Friday, 28 March)

Re: [css-variables] do we need to have the CSSVariableMap at all? Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 27 March)

Re: [css-grid] Intrinsic size of a grid container vs. percentage-sized grid tracks Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 27 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2014-03-26 Dael Jackson (Thursday, 27 March)

[css-counter-styles] case sensitivity of counter-style-name Xidorn Quan (Wednesday, 26 March)

[css-color] Computed value of device-cmyk() Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 26 March)

[css-color] Moving sections, and grammar for <color> Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 26 March)

[css-counter-styles] can 'fallback' and 'speak-as' descriptors be 'decimal' or 'none'? L. David Baron (Wednesday, 26 March)

Re: [css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-279: text-combine-horizontal & full/half-width characters Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 26 March)

[css-grid] Allow clamping the number of repetitions in repeat() Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 26 March)

Agenda conf call 26-mar-2014 Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 26 March)

[css-counter-styles] handling of syntax errors in descriptors L. David Baron (Wednesday, 26 March)

[css-counter-styles] Should using the wrong symbols vs. additive-symbols make an @counter-style rule invalid? L. David Baron (Wednesday, 26 March)

Re: [css-transforms] computed style of 'transform' property L. David Baron (Tuesday, 25 March)

[css-grid] Computed value of grid-template: subgrid Simon Sapin (Tuesday, 25 March)

[css3-background] Box-shadow spread with border-radius Matt Rakow (Monday, 24 March)

Re: [css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-167: Example of Bidirectional Text Richard Ishida (Monday, 24 March)

[css-transitions] detecting style updates to existing transitions (was Re: Updates to css-transitions ED) L. David Baron (Sunday, 23 March)

Re: [css3-flexbox] does flex-basis affect flex container intrinsic sizes? Tab Atkins Jr. (Saturday, 22 March)

[css-fonts] Custom feature files Christoph Päper (Friday, 21 March)

[css-animations] Effect of programmatically adding duplicate key to @keyframes Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 21 March)

[css-fonts] Font features spanning elements Christoph Päper (Friday, 21 March)

[css-animations] What is the format of the key string passed to CSSKeyframesRule.findRule/deleteRule ? Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 21 March)

[css-animations] Which rules do findRule/deleteRule find/remove when there are duplicate keys? Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 21 March)

[css-animations] Which keyframe rule applies when keys are duplicated? Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 21 March)

[css-scoping][css-regions][shadow-dom] Scoped Styles Module fantasai (Friday, 21 March)

[css-line-grid] limiting level 1 to dominant baselines Alan Stearns (Thursday, 20 March)

[CSSWG][css-writing-modes-3] Published CR of CSS Writing Modes L3 fantasai (Thursday, 20 March)

[CSSWG][css3-namespace] Updated REC of CSS Namespaces fantasai (Thursday, 20 March)

[CSSWG][css-shapes] CSS Shapes Level 1 Candidate Recommendation Alan Stearns (Thursday, 20 March)

+AFs-CSS3-Color+AF0-: RGBA as hexadecimal notation Axel Dahmen (Thursday, 20 March)

[css-syntax] consuming blocks inside a declaration's value Daniel Glazman (Thursday, 20 March)

[css-grid] Inconsistent value grammar for the grid-template shorthand Simon Sapin (Thursday, 20 March)

[css-text] Control characters James Clark (Thursday, 20 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2014-03-19 Dael Jackson (Thursday, 20 March)

Re: [css3-flexbox] Children of flex items ignoring cross-axis percentage length fantasai (Wednesday, 19 March)

Re: [css-flexbox] min-width/height: min-content defaults for replaced items and overflow containers fantasai (Wednesday, 19 March)

Re: Selectors: hooks needed by DOM Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 19 March)

CSSValue and friends Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 19 March)

List of all CSS unprefixed properties Karl Dubost (Wednesday, 19 March)

[css-line-grid] box-snap or block-snap Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 19 March)

[css-grid] Layout algo question - why keep an infinity around in the fourth phase? Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 19 March)

Agenda conf call 19-mar-2014 Peter Linss (Wednesday, 19 March)

[css-ruby] typo in CSS Ruby section 2.1? kawabata taichi (Tuesday, 18 March)

[css-ruby] About Ruby anonymous box creation. kawabata taichi (Tuesday, 18 March)

[css-variables] Split declaring custom properties from using the values? Alan Stearns (Tuesday, 18 March)

[shadow-styling] /content/ is cumbersome v. ::content Steve Orvell (Monday, 17 March)

[css3-transitions] transition-property with no supported properties Daniel Tan (Monday, 17 March)

[css-writing-modes] the caption-side keywords MURAKAMI Shinyu (Monday, 17 March)

[shadow-styling] Which node the :ancestor selector matches Rune Lillesveen (Monday, 17 March)

[css-flexbox] CR Disposition of Comments fantasai (Monday, 17 March)

Forward compatibility and custom things Brian Kardell (Sunday, 16 March)

[shadow-styling] clarify role of the `active shadow tree` Steve Orvell (Friday, 14 March)

[css-position] sticky only along one axis Zack Weinberg (Friday, 14 March)

[css-color] Editorial comments on ED Christoph Päper (Friday, 14 March)

Re: [css-grid] Editorial: Painting order: 'order' vs. 'z-index' fantasai (Thursday, 13 March)

Re: [css-grid] Aligning the Grid: content box rather than padding box fantasai (Thursday, 13 March)

Re: Last call comments on CSS3 module: color Alex Sexton (Thursday, 13 March)

[css-variables] ...let's change the syntax Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 13 March)

[shadow-styling] matching rules for complex selectors beginning with :host and :ancestor Steve Orvell (Thursday, 13 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2014-03-12 Dael Jackson (Thursday, 13 March)

[css-syntax] Consume a component value Johannes Koch (Wednesday, 12 March)

+AFs-css3-flexbox+AF0- flex-direction values are confusing Axel Dahmen (Wednesday, 12 March)

Suggestion: Introduce new height property value for full fitting space Axel Dahmen (Wednesday, 12 March)

Agenda conf call 12-mar-2014 Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 11 March)

WD-css3-lists Thaddeus H. Black (Monday, 3 March)

[css3-values] Proposing new functional notation prop() Christian Johnson (Monday, 10 March)

[cssom] CSSNamespaceRule Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 11 March)

[css-animations] OM and keyframes having same key Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 11 March)

What is the containing block for absolutely positioned descendants of a relatively positioned table? Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 11 March)

Re: [cssom-view] value of scrollLeft in RTL situations is completely busted across browsers Robert O'Callahan (Tuesday, 11 March)

Re: Suggestion - :changed pseudo-class selecting changed/edited fom fields Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 11 March)

[css-color-4] color() feedback Lea Verou (Monday, 10 March)

[css-sizing] trivial: corruption in Previous-version URI Peter Moulder (Monday, 10 March)

[css-counter-styles] length of prefix, suffix, and negative should be limited Xidorn Quan (Sunday, 9 March)

[css-counter-styles] fallback depth should be limited Xidorn Quan (Sunday, 9 March)

Re: [css3-values] using toggle() in shorthands fantasai (Saturday, 8 March)

Re: [css3-values] feedback fantasai (Saturday, 8 March)

[css-counter-styles] counter(foo, undefined-style) Simon Sapin (Friday, 7 March)

Re: [css-flexbox] element vs box fantasai (Friday, 7 March)

Re: [css-flexbox] floats, white space, and box-generation fantasai (Friday, 7 March)

Re: [css3-flexbox] Should "align-self:stretch" have any effect on main-size? (i.e. should stretched cross-size be used for establishing main size?) fantasai (Friday, 7 March)

[css-grid] Grid placement error handling Sergio Villar Senin (Friday, 7 March)

[css-images] Generated noise image Dirk Schulze (Friday, 7 March)

Two new encoding related articles for review Richard Ishida (Friday, 7 March)

[css-font-loading] New interface for FontFace or modifying the current one? Greg Whitworth (Friday, 7 March)

Re: [css4-ui] Scrollbar tracking control Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 6 March)

[css-counter-styles] extended range for complex CJK counter styles Xidorn Quan (Thursday, 6 March)

Re: [css-values] Base URL for relative url() fantasai (Thursday, 6 March)

Re: [css-gcpm] move inline/block decision to footnote area? Cramer, Dave (Thursday, 6 March)

Re: I18N-ISSUE-341: [css3-background] border-left-* and border-right-* [CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders] fantasai (Thursday, 6 March)

Re: I18N-ISSUE-340: [css3-background] Lack of "start" and "end" keywords [CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders] fantasai (Thursday, 6 March)

[css-grid] Should resolved value of grid-auto-rows / grid-auto-columns be in pixels? Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 6 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2014-03-05 Dael Jackson (Thursday, 6 March)

[CSSWG] CSS Level 2 now has a public Editor’s Draft Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [shadow-styling] /shadow vs /shadow-all Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 5 March)

[css-snappoints] 3/5 Updated ED Matt Rakow (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [css-shapes] new Last Call Working Draft published Håkon Wium Lie (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [selectors-nonelement] ::attr(*|localname), ::attr(ns|*), and ::attr(*) Jirka Kosek (Wednesday, 5 March)

[css-masking] boxes fantasai (Wednesday, 5 March)

Agenda conf call 05-mar-2014 Peter Linss (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [shadow-styling] Scoping at-rules like @font-face in scoped styled and shadow trees? Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [selectors-nonelement] ::attr(*|localname), ::attr(ns|*), and ::attr(*) Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [css-containment] For what problems is CSS Containment the best solution? Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: [css-font-loading] how/when do FontFace objects end up in a FontFaceSet Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-values] Relaxing <custom-ident> restrictions when unambiguous Simon Sapin (Tuesday, 4 March)

Re: [css-font-loading] FontFace objects and the FontFaceSet interface Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-syntax] problem with consuming qualified rule Johannes Koch (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-syntax] problem with consume list of rules Johannes Koch (Tuesday, 4 March)

Re: [css-grid] is the "grid" shorthand syntax right ? Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-syntax] problem with parse component value Johannes Koch (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-font-loading] IE Team Review Greg Whitworth (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-font-loading] IE Review of font loading Greg Whitworth (Tuesday, 4 March)

Re: [css-gcpm] mostly editorial comments on footnotes Cramer, Dave (Tuesday, 4 March)

Re: [css-grid] Two <line-names> for the same line with repeat() Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-shapes] tiny changes from IRC feedback - take it to CR? Alan Stearns (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css3-background] Restore box-decoration-break Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-grid] If a mandatory <integer> is omitted... Simon Sapin (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-masking] multiple mask layers and mask-composite Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 4 March)

[css-syntax] tokenizer consume url Johannes Koch (Monday, 3 March)

RE: [css-snappoints] Blink team position on snap points Matt Rakow (Monday, 3 March)

RE: [css-position] Sticky positioning computations Rossen Atanassov (Sunday, 2 March)

Re: [css-grid] Does <custom-ident> in grid-template-rows/grid-template-columns exclude auto/minmax/subgrid? Daniel Holbert (Sunday, 2 March)

[css-counter-styles] About setter of system attribute Xidorn Quan (Sunday, 2 March)

Re: [css3-gcpm] New Editor's Draft Håkon Wium Lie (Sunday, 2 March)

Re: [css-snappoints] 2/27 Updated ED Robert O'Callahan (Sunday, 2 March)

Re: [css-writing-modes] Rename extent/measure to block-size/inline-size? Robert O'Callahan (Sunday, 2 March)

Re: [css-grid] Punt subgrids to level 2? fantasai (Friday, 28 February)

Re: [css-syntax] An+B nits Simon Sapin (Saturday, 1 March)

[CSSWG][css-syntax] CSS Syntax Level 3 Candidate Recommendation Simon Sapin (Saturday, 1 March)

[css-counter-styles] range of cjk-decimal should be 0 - inf Xidorn Quan (Saturday, 1 March)

[css-snappoints] 2/28 Updated ED Matt Rakow (Saturday, 1 March)

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