Re: [cssom] CSSNamespaceRule

* Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>I'm not sure what exact behavior you're proposing.  Could you please 
>give a concrete example or a clearer description of the behavior?

The CSS OM has a dual nature, one is heavily object-oriented, one is
heavily string-based. I read your

  So are we only talking about inserting @namespace rules that define
  the default namespace for the sheet?  Because it seems to me that 
  inserting one that defines the namespace for a prefix that wasn't 
  defined before can't actually affect the OM, since there should be
  no rules using that prefix.

as arguing only an object-oriented perspective, but I guess you may also
have meant that merely inserting the prefix declaration does not trigger
a redraw. To offer something more concrete, consider the case of adding
a rule with a selector using a prefix to a style sheet without any pre-
fix declarations. You need some way to add a declaration, or an API that
makes that unnecessary (like `setAttributeNS` does not need prefixes).
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