Re: [CSS3-Color]: RGBA as hexadecimal notation

On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 5:37 AM, Axel Dahmen <> wrote:
> Gee, for a common user it seems hard to track what's the latest in
> development. Wouldn't it be feasible if W3C documents would not only link to
> their latest/current versions of a document but also to their
> standard/module successors (e.g. "Succeeded by:")? I was pointed to the
> Level 3 edition of that document and nothing seemed to give a hint that it's
> obsoleted by now.

We're experimenting with methods to make it easier to track the latest
version of a document.  We have a few already in place - as we publish
new drafts, we add unversioned shortnames that will always point to
the latest version, so that clicking on the "Latest Version" link
should take you to the most recent one.

That said, the draft I pointed you to is just an Editor's Draft - we
haven't published it to /TR yet.  I plan to do so in the near future,
but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Sorry!

One good rule to follow is to always assume that anything on /TR is
obsolete.  Check out the Editor's Draft instead - these weren't linked
from specs in the past, but they are now, at least for CSS specs.


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