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On Monday 03 March 2014 23:21:02 Thaddeus H. Black wrote:
> Maybe I misunderstand, but the old draft, "CSS Lists and Counters Module
> Level 3," looks obsolete to me:  [
> Should consider listing it as obsolete, or as a group note, on its
> website?

It's not quite obsolete yet.

The WG decided some time ago to split this draft: the first part should 
remain in css3-lists, the middle part went to a new module "CSS Counter 
Styles Level 3" (css-counter-styles-3) and the last part to a Note 
"Predefined Counter Styles" (predefined-counter-styles).

The middle part is currently a Last Call draft. (The WG hasn't decided yet 
if it can progress to CR.)

The last part was taken over by the Internationalization WG and a draft of 
the Note was published:

But the first part hasn't been republished yet and that's why the old draft 
is still there.

The editors' draft is being worked on, though, so you can see what is likely 
to be in the draft once it gets updated: no major changes, other than an 
attempt to use 'position: marker' instead of 'display: marker', and a new 
property 'marker-side' to fix an issue in CSS 2.1 with lists with mixed 
directions. See

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