+-AFs-CSS3-Color+-AF0-: RGBA as hexadecimal notation


like many others, I prefer to write color codes in hexadecimal notation, 
because the rgb() notation requires much more typing.

For the CSS Color Module Level 3, wouldn't it be feasible, thus, to allow 
for giving an approximation to all possible RGBA values by means of 
hexadecimal notation, with +ACIAIwAqACoAKg-0+ACI- (or +ACMAKgAqACoAKgAqACo-00) being equal to 
+ACI-rgba(+ACo-,+ACo-,+ACo-,0)+ACI- and +ACIAIwAqACoAKg-f+ACI- (or +ACIAIwAqACoAKgAqACoAKg-ff+ACI-) being equal to +ACI-rgba(+ACo-,+ACo-,+ACo-,1)+ACI-?

So ...

+ACIAIwAqACoAKg-0+ACI-  +AD0APQA9-  rgba(+ACo-, +ACo-, +ACo-, 0)
+ACIAIwAqACoAKgAqACoAKg-80+ACI-  +AD0APQA9-  rgba(+ACo-, +ACo-, +ACo-, .5)
+ACIAIwAqACoAKg-f+ACI-  +AD0APQA9-  rgba(+ACo-, +ACo-, +ACo-, 1)

Your thoughts?
Axel Dahmen 

Received on Thursday, 20 March 2014 14:21:39 UTC