[css-syntax] problem with consume list of rules


5.4.1. Consume a list of rules

     Reconsume the current input token. Consume an at-rule. If anything
     is returned, append it to the list of rules.

[Then 5.4.2. Consume an at-rule]

Create a new at-rule with its name set to the value of the current input 
token, its prelude initially set to an empty list, and its value 
initially set to nothing.

Repeatedly consume the next input token:

[Because of 'Reconsume the current input token' in 5.4.1. the 
<at-keyword-token> is still the current input token.]

anything else
     Reconsume the current input token. Consume a component value.
     Append the returned value to the at-rule’s prelude.

[The component value consumed is the <at-keyword-token> and is added to 
the prelude.]

The same applies to 5.4.1
anything else

also reconsuming the current input token before consuming a qualified rule.

I think the 'Reconsume the current input token' has to be removed.

Additionally, I don't understand the case
Otherwise, ...

input: <!--foo
creates a prelude with 3 entries:
1. CDO
2. CDO
3. Ident foo
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