Re: [css-syntax] tokenizer consume url

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 1:31 AM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> On 04/03/2014 09:05, Johannes Koch wrote:
>> Am 04.03.2014 02:02, schrieb Simon Sapin:
>>> Please use the Editor’s Draft:
>>> It’s not very different right now because the CR is still recent, but
>>> the ED is the one that’s always the most up-to-date, including fixes
>>> for known bugs like the one Tab just made for this bug.
>> Is there a diff between the CR and the current ED? Or between different
>> versions of the ED? That would make it easier to keep an implementation
>> up-to-date with the current ED.
> There as Mercurial repository:
> You can use that URL with "hg clone" and other Mercurial tools, or in a
> browser to use the hgweb interface.
> Here is the history of the source file for CSS Syntax. (For the generated
> file, change .bs to .html)
> The CR was published on 2014-02-20. The latest revision for Syntax at that
> time was 8663b0d5bbf0 "Fix tokenization of numbers starting with a digit."
> so everything after that are changes that are not on /TR yet.
> At this time, the fix for the url() tokenization bug you reported is the
> only normative change since CR. Still, you probably want to take the general
> habit of looking at the latest revision (ED) rather than snapshots that can
> be several months behind.

The url() bug is now documented in the Change section, too - in
general, normative changes from the CR will be documented in that

(Simon, be sure to update that if you make any tweaks, too.)


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