Re: [css-variables] ...let's change the syntax

> From: L. David Baron
> On Thursday 2014-03-13 18:20 +0100, François REMY wrote:
> > That being said, Custom Properties are only useful once all browsers
> > support them (or at least a majority of them that's sufficiently
> > broad the justify the use of a polyfill for the others), so I'm not
> > enclined to consider this a huge deal. I prefer we trade a bit of
> > time for a better design than the opposite.
> But we've already done that a bunch of times at various stages in
> the process for getting to where we are.  When do we stop?
> There is definitely a point where it's more valuable to ship
> implementations than to keep polishing.
> The impression that the discussions in the WG gave to implementors
> was that we were close enough to that point that it was worth
> implementing.

There's also the option to keep the discussion to changes that Tab & Heycam 
both feel comfortable to make to the spec & to gecko's implementation 
without moving the landing time by much, or would be sufficiently worth to 
justify this (at their own discretion). This creates more veto options but 
given the spec is pretty late in the design stages, I think we can afford 
that. /*After all, the web has both ":before" and "::before", meaning we can 
still adapt once we shipped even if it could be at the cost of creating 

That being said, I think the proposal made by Tab is a simple yet good move 
towards more uniformity in CSS and less confusion, I feel good about it. 

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