Re: [css-text] Control characters

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 11:00 PM, James Clark <> wrote:

I have no opinion on most of this, but ...

> 1. In addition to 0x9, 0xA and 0xD, Unicode gives characters 0xB (VT), 0xC
> (FF) and 0x85 (NEL) the White_Space property.  Characters with the
> White_Space property are supposed to be rendered as a visible but blank
> space. (Of these, HTML includes only 0xC as a space character.)

For compatibility with legacy content naively converted to UTF-n,
U+0085 (and, indeed, the entire C1 controls block) need to be
interpreted as graphic characters per Windows-1252, instead of as
control characters.


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