CSSValue and friends

I have taken a closer look at (hear I tried to implement) DOM Level 2
CSSValue and friends, i.e. the interfaces that allow access to parsed
values. In short, I can confirm what we've known for so long: they
deeply suck and are just not implementable as is. This part of DOM
Level 2 Style should be explicitly displayed as obsolete or even dropped
on w3.org/TR , a non-implementable standard being pointless.

But it's possible to tweak CSSValue to make it implementable and
represent any property value, whatever its complexity. I have written a
blog article summarizing this:


Disclaimer: this is not a proposal to the CSS WG. I did not take perf
or bloat into account, I only focused on fulfilling my requirements.
I'll be happy if this helps triggering a discussion and a new effort.


Received on Wednesday, 19 March 2014 13:54:49 UTC