Re: [cssom] CSSNamespaceRule

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 8:12 AM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> Any change to @namespace rules also changes the meaning of other rules.
> Implementations would have to go and re-parse (or at least re-compile)
> Selectors in the rest of the stylesheet.
> Maybe the flexibility is worth the implementation cost. On the other hand I
> don’t know if Namespaces is something people are interested in spending
> effort improving, rather than a legacy feature we’re stuck supporting for
> compatibility with deployed content.

I dont' know about other impls, but Blink/Webkit generally just
reparses the entire stylesheet after *any* change.  I dunno what
optimizations may exist there, but I know we're generally pretty
pessimistic and just blow things away and reparse, because it's
simpler that way.  So having to do that for a @namespace change isn't
a big deal for us either.


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