Re: [cssom] CSSNamespaceRule

On 19/03/14 00:08, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

>>> Sure I want all rules to be affected. Again, the scenario is the
>>> following one: a html document contains an embedded stylesheet. I'm
>>> adding a SVG image I want to style. I need to add a namespace rule
>>> to the existing stylesheet to style my SVG. I can't. This is a blocker
>>> for all conforming editing environments.
>> Sorry for giving a non-solution, but you *could* just ignore namespaces when
>> styling SVG elements, just like everyone usually does for HTML elements.
>> (Without a default namespace, type selectors select elements with a given
>> local name in any namespace.)
> That's a perfectly valid solution for the web; there are only four
> name collisions between SVG and HTML, and they're all *basically* the
> same element except for <font>, and you shouldn't be using <html:font>
> anyway.  MathML doesn't have any name collisions, I think.

My editor does not only edit for the dynamic web. It allows all flavors
of html, including xhtml for EPUB where namespaces are needed.


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