Re: [css-line-grid] limiting level 1 to dominant baselines

On 3/21/14, 8:52 AM, "Brad Kemper" <> wrote:

>> On Mar 20, 2014, at 4:56 PM, Alan Stearns <> wrote:
>> The current draft only mentions snapping the dominant baseline to the
>> matching baseline on the grid. I think I would prefer to keep this
>> limitation for the first level of the line-grid spec. Choosing which
>> baseline to snap to which grid line could come later, if we actually
>> achieve a dominant baseline snap first
>The "dominant baseline" of a text area is the last line, right? This
>already makes it very hard to vertically align labels with text areas in
>forms in the way that would be most useful. I think we really need
>'first-baseline' (and 'last-baseline', I guess) as values for both
>'vertical-align' and 'block-snap'.  Then you could use 'vertical-align:
>first-baseline' for when you have inline-block labels, and 'block-snap:
>first-baseline' for when you have floated labels.

Certainly. I don’t mean to cut off having both first-baseline and
last-baseline for block-snap. All I mean is that first-baseline would use
the dominant baseline of the first line box for snapping the block, and
line-snap would use the line box’s dominant baseline for snapping the line.

Once we have that, we can look at specifying other baselines for snapping,
as Liam was suggesting. A block-snap value that positioned the first
cap-height baseline to a given grid line could be useful, but I think it
could wait for a future spec level.



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