Re: [css-variables] ...let's change the syntax

On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 2:45 PM, L. David Baron <> wrote:
> On Thursday 2014-03-13 18:20 +0100, Fran├žois REMY wrote:
>> That being said, Custom Properties are only useful once all browsers
>> support them (or at least a majority of them that's sufficiently
>> broad the justify the use of a polyfill for the others), so I'm not
>> enclined to consider this a huge deal. I prefer we trade a bit of
>> time for a better design than the opposite.
> But we've already done that a bunch of times at various stages in
> the process for getting to where we are.  When do we stop?

I talked to heycam before proposing this, and set up an explicit
deadline, along with the expectation that the current state of affairs
is totally fine to keep if we don't decide on anything else.

Heycam said that a change like this would be trivial to make, and
wouldn't slow down your shipping, since you're currently blocked on
another bug anyway.  Whichever way this gets resolved on the call next
Wed, heycam'll make the change (or not), and then flip the "shipping"
flag immediately after.

I'm being responsible with the change here - no need to stress.


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