Re: [css-flexbox] element vs box

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 3:29 AM, Peter Moulder
<> wrote:
> ยง5.4:
>   # exactly as if the flex items were reordered in the source document.
> If talking about behaving as if reordering the source document, then I think it
> worthwhile to clarify that 'order' has no effect on counter values, e.g.:
>   | However, 'order' has no effect on counter values.
> (Other places where one might consider mentioning counter values are sections
> 9.1 and 5.4.1.  My own conclusion was not to in each of these two cases.)

The effects of 'order' are quite well-specified - it's mentioned as
having an effect on layout, and on painting order.  Nothing else
mentions 'order', and so nothing else is affected.


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