Re: +AFs-css3-flexbox+AF0- flex-direction values are confusing

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 7:50 AM, Axel Dahmen <> wrote:
> I personally tend to consider the flex-direction values as being quite
> confusing.
> The term "row" (or "rows") is usually associated with vertical layout while
> "column" (or "columns") is mainly associated with horizontal layout. But for
> flex-direction, both terms are used quite to the contrary.

That's an interesting perspective.  The naming is taken from existing
usage, particularly tables, where rows are horizontal and columns are

Could you elaborate on what leads you to associate "row" with vertical
and "column" with horizontal?

> I would like to suggest to rename these properties appropriately to their
> counterparts.
> ... or even rename the value "row" with "horizontal" and "column" with
> "vertical".
> So the list of values would be
> (a)
>    column
>    column-reverse
>    row
>    row-revers
> (b)
>    horizontal
>    horizontal-reverse
>    vertical
>    vertical-reverse

As Daniel said, the names were chosen to be "logical" (writing-mode
dependent) rather than physical.  Grid automatically adjusts if
'direction' or 'writing-mode' is changed from the defaults.


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