Re: [css-line-grid] box-snap or block-snap

Alan Stearns <> wrote on 2014/03/19 9:30:17
> The current line-grid module has a fairly complex box-snap property. I’m
> assuming it can be simplified substantially for the first level of the
> module.
> The most basic cases are to take the block and snap the top or bottom to a
> grid line, or center the whole block within two grid lines. This can be
> done with:
> block-snap: before | after | center | none

We (Antenna House) implemented the line grid feature and the block-snap
property (with name '-ah-baseline-block-snap'). See:

Value: none | [auto | before | after | center] || [border-box | margin-box]

'auto' is same as 'before' on top of column, same as 'after' at bottom 
of column, otherwise 'center'.

[border-box | margin-box] specifies the edge used to align the block on 
the line grid. 'border-box' is the default.

While we tried to implement the css-line-grid with simplified syntax 
and feature, Håkon also wrote similar proposal in his CSS Books draft.
Håkon and I had a discusion about this and now his proposal and what we 
implemented are similar.
I'd like to support css-line-grid when the spec will be finished.


Shinyu Murakami
Antenna House

Received on Wednesday, 19 March 2014 03:07:17 UTC