Re: [css-animations] OM and keyframes having same key

On 3/11/14, 8:53 AM, "Daniel Glazman"
<> wrote:

>On 11/03/2014 14:14, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
>>> The spec says about CSSKeyframesRule.deleteRule():
>>>   ...deletes the CSSKeyframeRule with the passed key.
>>> But the spec explicitely allows multiple keyframe rules for same key,
>>> saying that in that case the last one specified wins.
>>> Then I assume only the last one specified for a given key is preserved
>>> in the OM. I think it should noted somewhere.
>> Can you elaborate on why? Given the previous sentence I thought you’d
>>expect the last one to be removed, not preserved?
>Misunderstanding here: only the last one is preserved in the OM at
>parse time, so that's the only one you can delete with deleteRule().

Check, thanks.

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