Re: List of all CSS unprefixed properties

There’s a json API[1] that lists all the anchors in the CSS, FXTF and SVG specs (including EDs). The anchor data contains a ‘type’ field, which should have the value ‘property’ for all the property <dfn>s. You’ll also find <dfn> anchors for values, types, at-rules, descriptors, pseudos, etc. The data is updated within minutes of commits to the ED repositories and at least once per day for /TR specs. If something is missing from the json data, please file a bug on the relevant spec so we can fix the spec markup.

The API is self-documenting (minimally) at (set the Accept header to text/html) and also serves a json-home page[2]. There’s also a Python client for accessing the API via the json-home page available[3].

I’m working on exposing a human readable index of all the properties and values based on the same data set.



On Mar 18, 2014, at 7:57 PM, Karl Dubost <> wrote:

> Is there a simple (text, json?) list of all the CSS unprefixed properties (sanctified standard) maintained by the CSS Working Group?
> Context: We are trying to see if we can develop a tool for Web Compatibility issues that would flag and might recommend good ways of writing the CSS.
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