RE: [css-font-loading] New interface for FontFace or modifying the current one?

I figured there was a reason you guys set it up the way you did. I was hoping to avoid the redundancy of code but I understand the reasoning behind it, thanks for the clarification.


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Greg Whitworth wrote:

> I apologize if this is a silly question but I am just wanting some 
> clarity on the FontFace interface. Is this a new FontFace interface or 
> merely representing that we are updating the current one with 
> FontFaceLoadStatus and a Promise?

I think what you're asking may be whether the FontFace interface reflects a revision of the CSS OM interface for @font-face rules [1]. 
It's not, it's an entirely new interface.  The CSSFontFaceRule interface inherits from CSSRule and is tied to the DOM.  The FontFace/FontFaceSet interfaces are made to allow fonts to be loaded within worker threads which don't have DOM access.  Hence the need for a new interface and the somewhat awkward coexistence of both FontFace and CSSFontFaceRule.


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