Re: [css-grid] Computed value of grid-template: subgrid

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 9:31 AM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> In the current ED, the definition of the grid-template-columns and
> grid-template-rows properties contains, about the 'subgrid' value:
>> If the grid container is not a grid item, this value computes to
>> none.
> Can we make this a used-value-time thing rather than a computed-value-time
> thing? Determining that an element generates a grid item depends on box
> generation, which normally comes "after" computed values are determined.
> In general, I’d prefer if we avoid to gratuitously have this kind of
> modification on computed values, unless we really mean to affect the
> inherited value.

Yes, especially now that we've gotten proper element/box hygiene for
Flexbox, I see that basing computed values on whether something is a
grid item is difficult.  Fixed.


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