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[Custom Elements] attributeChanged not sufficient? Ondřej Žára (Monday, 31 March)

Proposal: External Protocol Handling Ben Johnson (Thursday, 27 March)

[IndexedDB] Duplicate double quotes Zhang, Zhiqiang (Monday, 31 March)

XMLHttpRequest Level 1- specification history David Dailey (Saturday, 29 March)

[Bug 25203] New: [gamepad] Connected Attribute appears to serve no purpose if the Gamepad object is a snapshot (Saturday, 29 March)

[Bug 25202] New: [gamepad] "id" property is unclear how its established (Saturday, 29 March)

[clipboard events] Pasting scenarios and the shape of clipboardData.getData(‘text/html’) return value Ben Peters (Friday, 28 March)

[Dom-Parsing] LC1 Comments Addressed for DOM Parsing and Serialization Travis Leithead (Thursday, 27 March)

[quota-api] TAG review feedback Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 27 March)

Proposal Virtual Reality "View Lock" Spec Brandon Andrews (Wednesday, 26 March)

[custom-elements] :unresolved and :psych Brian Kardell (Tuesday, 25 March)

RfC: Last Call of Web Crypto API; deadline May 20 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 25 March)

RE: [clipboard events] seeking implementor feedback on using CID: URI scheme for pasting embedded binary data Ben Peters (Tuesday, 25 March)

[Bug 25142] New: [Custom]: Missing created callback should not prevent other callbacks from being enqueued. (Monday, 24 March)

[Bug 25139] New: [Custom]: Bogus createElement/createElementNS IDL (Monday, 24 March)

[Bug 21066] Provide an event path API (Monday, 24 March)

[Bug 25131] New: Blob response entity body is not built using final MIME type and charset (Monday, 24 March)

[request] "Download" Event for HTMLAnchorElement Si Robertson (Monday, 24 March)

[gamepad] Haptic Feedback/Controller Vibration Patrick Martin (Sunday, 23 March)

[editing] insertHorizontalRule into <p> while its ancestor is non-editable Marta Pawlowska (Thursday, 20 March)

Push API - use parameterized Promise types Michael van Ouwerkerk (Thursday, 20 March)

Should events be preferably sent to the Window or the nearest object? Mounir Lamouri (Thursday, 20 March)

Push API register - vendor specific details Michael van Ouwerkerk (Thursday, 20 March)

[Bug 25097] New: Update HTTP and HTTPAUTH references to new HTTPbis specs (Wednesday, 19 March)

[Bug 25091] New: [imports]: Want to be used with data: URL scheme (Tuesday, 18 March)

[Bug 25090] New: Use document's encoding for url query encoding in XHR open() (Tuesday, 18 March)

[fyi] Early alpha announce: PubRules Checker NG Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 18 March)

[Bug 25088] New: 'orientationchange' should fire on Window so that there can be a <body> event handler for it (Tuesday, 18 March)

[Bug 23346] Use TypeError for argument validation (Monday, 17 March)

[Bug 25081] New: Make read operation really async (Monday, 17 March)

[Bug 25061] New: [Shadow]: Minor grammatical quibble (Friday, 14 March)

[Bug 25054] New: Should the API be exposed to non-Mobile? (Friday, 14 March)

[Bug 25053] New: Specify clear security requirements (Friday, 14 March)

indexedDB API grammatical error Danillo Paiva (Thursday, 13 March)

[Editing] Splitting Selection API Into a Separate Specification Ryosuke Niwa (Thursday, 13 March)

[screen-orientation] Remove the ability to lock to multiple orientations? Mounir Lamouri (Thursday, 13 March)

[push-api] Dependency on "System Messages" Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 13 March)

[Bug 25038] New: [Shadow]: Non-normative text about selection should be removed (Thursday, 13 March)

[Bug 25028] New: Should XMLHttpRequest.responseXML return an XMLDocument if response has xml MIME type? (Wednesday, 12 March)

Fwd: [blink-dev] Intent to implement: Push API Mounir Lamouri (Tuesday, 11 March)

[Bug 25007] New: [imports]: Want LinkImport.ready() to return promise. (Tuesday, 11 March)

[push] Consider renaming "push notification" to "push message" in the Push API spec Jeffrey Yasskin (Monday, 10 March)

[Bug 24998] New: What is the origin of a blob: URL? (Monday, 10 March)

[access-control] Akash Jain (Saturday, 8 March)

[editing] JavaScript implementation Michael Hill (Saturday, 8 March)

[webcomponents] Semantics and Web Components Adam Sobieski (Saturday, 8 March)

[webcomponents] Editable Web Components Adam Sobieski (Saturday, 8 March)

[clipboard-api] Do paste events and company bubble? Boris Zbarsky (Saturday, 8 March)

[IndexedDB] Transaction ordering for readonly transactions Jonas Sicking (Saturday, 8 March)

RE: [clipboard events] seeking implementor feedback on using CID: URI scheme for pasting embedded binary data Ben Peters (Thursday, 6 March)

[announce] Intent to publish new WD of Clipboard API and Events March 11 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 4 March)

[Bug 24905] New: [imports]: Fetches for imports should be anonymous only for cross origin requests (Tuesday, 4 March)

[Bug 24876] New: [Custom Elements]: Custom elements should be display: block by default (Saturday, 1 March)

[Bug 24872] New: [Shadow]: Consider adding back at least :first-of-type to valid matching criteria (Friday, 28 February)

[announce] Intent to publish a new WD of HTML Imports on March 6 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24870] New: [Shadow]: HTMLTitleElement shouldn't work in shadow trees (Friday, 28 February)

Transforming DataTransfer.setData HTML content Alexey Proskuryakov (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24867] New: [Shadow]: consider supporting :not() in content select (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24866] New: [Custom]: Consider adding inserted/removed callback (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24865] New: Remove requirement that highest version request is processed first (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24861] New: [Shadow]: Add a way to detect when the list of nodes distributed to an insertion point mutates (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24848] New: [imports]: ES6 module loader should be aware modules in HTML Imports (Friday, 28 February)

[Bug 24102] Specify the targets for events (Thursday, 27 February)

[Bug 23946] Lift the ban on query parts in “blob:” URIs (Thursday, 27 February)

[Bug 23853] Please clarify the interpretation of the WebIDL undefined Date in the File constructor (Thursday, 27 February)

[Bug 23147] Describe File API Model (Thursday, 27 February)

[Bug 24072] Clarify handling of neutered objects (Thursday, 27 February)

[Bug 24844] New: Spec is missing <body> and <head> elements (Thursday, 27 February)

Re: Publishing a new WD of Clipboard API and events spec Hallvord R. M. Steen (Thursday, 27 February)

Indexed DB: Opening connections, versions, and priority Joshua Bell (Wednesday, 26 February)

[Bug 24823] New: [ServiceWorker]: "MAY NOT" is not defined in RFC 2119 (Wednesday, 26 February)

[admin] Should WebApps' HTML Templates spec be published as a WG Note? Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 26 February)

[gamepad] preventing default/capturing controller Patrick H. Lauke (Wednesday, 26 February)

[Bug 24819] New: "The error, abort, and load event types are mutu..." (Wednesday, 26 February)

[Bug 24114] [imports]: add support for async loading (Tuesday, 25 February)

[Bug 22409] Custom elements need da (microtask) hookup (Tuesday, 25 February)

[Bug 22409] Custom elements need da (microtask) hookup (Tuesday, 25 February)

[Bug 24808] New: [imports]: document.write() in imports should do nothing. (Tuesday, 25 February)

persist SharedWorker during page transitions LiLi (Z) (Tuesday, 25 February)

[Bug 24790] New: "Developers must not pass false for the async ar..." (Monday, 24 February)

[Bug 24789] New: "Developers must not pass false for the async ar..." (Monday, 24 February)

Re: Browser search API Mitar (Sunday, 23 February)

[fullscreen] Problems with mouse-edge scrolling and games Ian Langworth (Saturday, 22 February)

Fwd: Screen Orientation API Spec phrasing confusion Arthur Barstow (Saturday, 22 February)

[Manifest] Study on installable web apps Marcos Caceres (Friday, 21 February)

[Bug 24704] @contenteditable, new lines and new paragraphs. (Friday, 21 February)

Decoupling <style scoped> from Shadow DOM Erik Bryn (Friday, 21 February)

[Bug 24756] New: [imports]: Cascading order for stylesheets of imported documents should be stated more clearly (Thursday, 20 February)

Form submission participation (was Re: Goals for Shadow DOM review) Edward O'Connor (Thursday, 20 February)

[Bug 24704] @contenteditable, new lines and new paragraphs. (Thursday, 20 February)

[gamepad] Reasoning behind GamepadButton struct Brandon Jones (Thursday, 20 February)

On starting WebWorkers with blob: URLs... Travis Leithead (Wednesday, 19 February)

[Bug 24732] New: Remove DOMError from FileAPI (Wednesday, 19 February)

[Bug 24085] Specify Selection.modify (Wednesday, 19 February)

what about this feature in template system in html5? Yarco Wang (Wednesday, 19 February)

Re: Clipboard API: Enable `copy` event simulation with user's express permission (domain-wide)? Hallvord R. M. Steen (Tuesday, 18 February)

[Bug 24708] New: [Shadow]: Wrong spelling (Tuesday, 18 February)

[Bug 24703] New: No easy way to lock to a set of accepted orientations if one UA doesnt support one of them (Monday, 17 February)

PSA: new Screen Orientation WD Mounir Lamouri (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24702] New: Apply Anne's comments sent in public-webapps (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24701] New: Apply Marcos' comments (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24700] New: Should 'foo' be entirely equivalent to [ 'foo-primary', 'foo-secondary' ] (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24699] New: Reconsider -primary and -secondary orientations (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24698] New: Expose/lock to the screen orientation angle (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24697] New: Use Promises for lockOrientation and unlockOrientation (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24695] New: Allowed orientations should be an enum (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24692] New: Define 'default orientation' (Monday, 17 February)

[Bug 24691] New: Allow shared Web workers to persist across page loads from same origin (Monday, 17 February)

[push-api] No clear mention of privacy implication of sending data through push service Tobie Langel (Monday, 17 February)

[XHR2] anonymous same-origin requests (alter withCredentials) Rob Wu (Sunday, 16 February)

[webcomponents] Switch for Selection Isolation Ryosuke Niwa (Sunday, 16 February)

[webcomponents] Imperative API for Insertion Points Ryosuke Niwa (Sunday, 16 February)

[webcomponents]: Web Components in 2014 Dimitri Glazkov (Thursday, 13 February)

[Bug 24658] New: [imports]: The fetch readiness shouldn't block fetching. (Thursday, 13 February)

[Bug 24655] New: [Custom]: Consider turning processing stack + queues into its own primitive (Thursday, 13 February)

[testing] Using labels to get a list of all open PRs for WebApps' test suites Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 13 February)

[Bug 13913] Attributes don't have an order (Thursday, 13 February)

[Bug 24639] New: [Shadow]: Each section on the spec needs examples (Wednesday, 12 February)

[Bug 24638] New: [Shadow]: elementFromPoint should return the host when you hit a Text node (Wednesday, 12 February)

[manifest] V1 ready for wider review Marcos Caceres (Wednesday, 12 February)

[Bug 24632] New: [meta][imports]: The spec should have fewer monkey patches (Wednesday, 12 February)

[progress-events] Progress Events is a W3C Recommendation Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 12 February)

[Bug 24629] New: [Explainer]: attachedCallback / detachedCallback are now enteredView and leftView (Wednesday, 12 February)

[Bug 24628] New: spec has (almost) no style (or scripts) (Wednesday, 12 February)

Extending Mutation Observers to address use cases of Ryosuke Niwa (Wednesday, 12 February)

[Bug 24627] New: [Shadow]: Support disconnected nodes (Wednesday, 12 February)

[Bug 24106] FKA: No defined way to get keyboard focus into and out of a shadow DOM component (Tuesday, 11 February)

RfC: LCWD of Vibration API; deadline March 4 Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 11 February)

FYI: Navigation Error Logging Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 11 February)

[Bug 24042] [imports]: document.write() in imports should do nothing. (Tuesday, 11 February)

[admin] Headsup: f2f meeting April 10-11 in San Jose Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 11 February)

[Bug 24616] New: [imports]: Stylesheets in imported documents should be loaded (Tuesday, 11 February)

[Bug 24042] [imports]: document.write() in imports should do nothing. (Tuesday, 11 February)

[Bug 24614] New: Should the screen orientation be unlocked asynchronously (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24612] New: Should Screen locking work only in full screen mode? (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24611] New: Should the screen orientation be unlocked when navigating to a new page? (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24610] New: What happens when unlockOrientation() is called but no orientation is locked? (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24609] New: Can unlockOrientation() cause an orientationchange event to be fired? (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24608] New: What happens when calling lockOrientation() and already locked? (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24603] New: [Custom]: Need callback for form submit data (Monday, 10 February)

[Bug 24600] New: [Custom]: Callback names are out of date? (Monday, 10 February)

XMLHttpRequest error events tlhackque (Monday, 10 February)

Fwd: Opera Presto test suite released Arthur Barstow (Sunday, 9 February)

[Bug 24586] New: Remove FileList (Saturday, 8 February)

[Bug 24583] New: [imports]: failed fetch should result null document in import list (Friday, 7 February)

"Officially" deprecating main-thread synchronous XHR? Olli Pettay (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 21650] Require that XHR is available in workers (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 15417] Redirects and the base URL (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 24579] New: [Custom]: make callbacks more explicit (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 24578] New: [Custom]: define registry primitive (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 24577] New: [Custom]: Need adopted callback (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 24576] New: Calling URL.createObjectURL() on a closed Blob (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 24573] New: Clarify non-null Blob (Friday, 7 February)

Re: [webcomponents] Binding Custom Element without Polluting Global Scope (Was Proposal for Cross Origin Use Case and Declarative Syntax) Ryosuke Niwa (Friday, 7 February)

Re: [webcomponents] Decoupling Custom Elements and Shadow DOM (Was Proposal for Cross Origin Use Case and Declarative Syntax) Ryosuke Niwa (Friday, 7 February)

Update on Streams API Status Feras Moussa (Friday, 7 February)

[webcomponents] Encapsulation and defaulting to open vs closed (was in www-style) Ryosuke Niwa (Friday, 7 February)

[Bug 24570] New: [Custom]: Callback for cloneNode/importNode (Thursday, 6 February)

[Bug 24565] New: [imports]: Dependency resolution should be stated in clearer way (Thursday, 6 February)

[Bug 24564] New: [Imports]: Blocking circular reference in the import tree/list (Thursday, 6 February)

[webcomponents] Copying and Pasting a Web Component Ryosuke Niwa (Thursday, 6 February)

[Bug 24557] New: [Shadow]: The definition of focus navigation is misleading. (Thursday, 6 February)

[Bug 24555] New: [imports]: Preceding import should block following document from processing. (Thursday, 6 February)

[Bug 24087] [Custom]: Rename document.registerElement to defineElement (Wednesday, 5 February)

[Bug 24523] New: Spec should mention how fullscreen works on fragmented elements (Wednesday, 5 February)

Status of the Shadow DOM Specification Ryosuke Niwa (Wednesday, 5 February)

Call for Exclusions: W3C DOM4 Coralie Mercier (Tuesday, 4 February)

DOM P&S: Disposition of Comments Doc Prepared Travis Leithead (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 24481] New: Markup error around blob URL store (Monday, 3 February)

[XHR] XHR 1 / XHR 2 Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Monday, 3 February)

January 2014 edition of Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 12607] Let authors control redirect behavior (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 24479] New: [Streams] Bug: Unable to notify EOF after delivering the last element separately (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 24477] New: Preparation for spec converging (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 24475] New: StorageQuota.supportedTypes should not use Array which is to be deprecated (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 24474] New: StorageQuota.requestPersistentQuota() should use [Clamp] on newQuota argument (Monday, 3 February)

[Bug 24470] New: Link to #networkError in fetching section is broken (Sunday, 2 February)

[Bug 24469] New: Definition of "valid blob" is unclear and probably wrong (Sunday, 2 February)

[File System APIs] If one is good, then two must be better? Arthur Barstow (Friday, 31 January)

[FYI] Last Call of draft-ietf-appsawg-uri-get-off-my-lawn; deadline February 21 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 31 January)

[Bug 24453] New: Expose interfaces to workers (Friday, 31 January)

[webcomponents] Async Registration of Custom Elements Ryosuke Niwa (Thursday, 30 January)

[HTML imports]: Removing imports Gabor Krizsanits (Thursday, 30 January)

[Bug 23974] [Streams API] Don't inherit object URL feature (Thursday, 30 January)

[Bug 23763] Separate MIME type from Stream or not (Thursday, 30 January)

[Bug 24023] [Streams API] Returned promise of write() should be fulfilled with current available space size rather than how many bytes were written (Thursday, 30 January)

[Bug 24022] [Streams API] Lazily encode write()-en DOMString (Thursday, 30 January)

[Bug 23973] [Streams API] Introduce in-band error signaling (Thursday, 30 January)

[Bug 24445] New: [Streams API] The Promise returned by write() method should tell the result of the write() (Thursday, 30 January)

[quota-api] Seeking Implementation plans for Firefox, IE, Webkit, etc. Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 29 January)

[quota-api] Heads-up: TAG review started Arthur Barstow (Wednesday, 29 January)

Custom element callbacks timing Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 28 January)

Re: [HTML Imports]: Sync, async, -ish? Jake Archibald (Tuesday, 28 January)

[Bug 24421] New: [Shadow]: Clarify that Shadow DOM spec takes care of nodes which are *inDocument*. (Tuesday, 28 January)

[Bug 23977] [Streams API] Generic object stream (Tuesday, 28 January)

[Bug 23975] [Streams API] Remove read as Blob support (Tuesday, 28 January)

[Bug 23719] Consider adding pull style flow control method to Stream (Tuesday, 28 January)

[xhr-1] XMLHttpRequest Level 1 WD update Jungkee Song (Tuesday, 28 January)

[Bug 23147] Describe File API Model (Tuesday, 28 January)

[Bug 24401] New: abort() should always dispatch loadend (Sunday, 26 January)

[Bug 24398] New: [Explainer]: typo ":" should be "=" (Sunday, 26 January)

[clipboard events] seeking implementor feedback on using CID: URI scheme for pasting embedded binary data Hallvord R. M. Steen (Friday, 24 January)

Do we need a rendering spec? Dimitri Glazkov (Thursday, 23 January)

[Bug 24351] New: [Shadow]: Event related target resolution algorithm should consider the case of multiple shadow roots. (Wednesday, 22 January)

[Bug 24349] New: [imports]: Import documents should always be in no-quirks mode (Wednesday, 22 January)

[Bug 24101] Missing word in "Return the readAsText() method, but continue to process the steps in this algorithm" (Tuesday, 21 January)

[admin] Draft of updated charter available for review Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 21 January)

[Bug 24102] Specify the targets for events (Tuesday, 21 January)

[Bug 24102] Specify the targets for events (Tuesday, 21 January)

[clipboard events] Spec update Hallvord R. M. Steen (Tuesday, 21 January)

I need some guidance. (Monday, 20 January)

[Bug 24339] New: File API should specify Blob.close() with a state in the model and influence on read methods (Monday, 20 January)

[Bug 24338] New: Spec should have Fetch for Blob URLs (Monday, 20 January)

FileSystem API behavior of seek function Kyle Graehl (Friday, 17 January)

[Bug 19878] Revert change in Close-reason-unpaired-surrogates.htm ? (Friday, 17 January)

[Bug 24316] New: [Shadow]: implement :ancestor and change :host behavior (Friday, 17 January)

[Bug 24087] [Custom]: Rename document.register to registerElement (Thursday, 16 January)

[Bug 24314] New: [Custom]: enteredView and leftView callbacks are still confusing (Thursday, 16 January)

[cors] Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a W3C Recommendation Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 16 January)

[Bug 14832] Check whether the encoding problems for query components applies to mailto: URLs and other non-HTTP URLs and see if we can change the definition of "valid URL" accordingly (Wednesday, 15 January)

[promises] Guidance on the usage of promises for API developers Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 14 January)

[Bug 24288] New: [Shadow]: Revert <shadow> element as a function call feature. (Tuesday, 14 January)

[Bug 24287] New: [Shadow]: Fix indents. (Tuesday, 14 January)

Re: Fixing appcache Mihai (Monday, 13 January)

Test runner now available in web-platform-tests James Graham (Monday, 13 January)

Re: [manifest] orientation member Marcos Caceres (Monday, 13 January)

[Bug 23487] Actually define going fullscreen (Friday, 10 January)

[Bug 24268] New: [imports]: imported documents should obey CSP on master document. (Friday, 10 January)

Re: Why can't we just use constructor instead of createdCallback? Ryosuke Niwa (Friday, 10 January)

[HTML imports]: Imports and Content Security Policy Frederik Braun (Thursday, 9 January)

[pointerlock] Various comments Ms2ger (Thursday, 9 January)

[webcomponents] PubStatus reorg; Plans and Expectations Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 9 January)

[webcomponents] Feedback for web components spec from a GWT experiment Goktug Gokdogan (Tuesday, 7 January)

[Bug 24232] New: The containing block of fixpos elements in the top layer shouldn't be the ICB (Wednesday, 8 January)

Re: [webcomponents]: Allowing text children of ShadowRoot is a bad time Elliott Sprehn (Tuesday, 7 January)

RE: Passsword managers and autocomplete='off' Adrian Bateman (Friday, 3 January)

[Bug 24079] Test for initErrorEvent is invalid (Friday, 3 January)

[Bug 24077] second-argument-null.html worker test is incorrect (Friday, 3 January)

[Bug 24074] new Worker('data:...') should not throw (Friday, 3 January)

Re: [testing] Common way to "manage" test bugs? Arthur Barstow (Friday, 3 January)

Re: Background sync & push messaging: declarative vs imperative John Mellor (Thursday, 2 January)

Mail List Etiquette [Was: Re: appcache master entries] Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 2 January)

Reminder: RfC: LCWD of DOM Parsing and Serialization; deadline 7 January 2014 Arthur Barstow (Thursday, 2 January)

[Bug 24184] New: References undefined type EventHandler (Thursday, 2 January)

Re: Regarding: Making the W3C Web SQL Database Specification Active Shane Harrelson (Monday, 30 December)

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