Re: [promises] Guidance on the usage of promises for API developers

To address, jgraham's point, let's go back to just use "Run ..." style

I agree that we shouldn't mislead readers that task queuing is always
necessary. Moreover, I think algorithm may be allowed to be done either
synchronously or asynchronously for some cases. Maybe we could add
"possibly" to mean it's not forced to be run later for such a case?

How about introducing some markups such as "[Async]" and a note of detailed
explanation (no need to queue a task, etc.)? Readers are guided to read the
note to understand what they mean, and actually more likely to do so
compared to just writing "do X asynchronously". I imagine. Not sure.

1. sync_work_A.
2. sync_work_B.
3. Let p be a newly-created promise.
4. [PossiblyAsync] possibly_async_work_S.
5. [PossiblyAsync] possibly_async_work_T.
6. [Async] async_work_X.
7. [Async] async_work_Y.
8. Return p.

Right after returned from this method, we observe side effect of sync_work
and may observe possibly_async_work's but not async_work's.

If too noisy, modularize as Boris said (

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