Re: [fullscreen] Problems with mouse-edge scrolling and games

On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 4:18 PM, Brandon Jones <> wrote:

> - it's possible to theme the OS cursor using custom images with CSS.
Although that doesn't absolve vendors from fixing the latency issue even if
native pointers where to be made available during pointerlock. The reason
is that cursors come in more flavors than an image. For example they could
come in some variety of 3D rendered representations useful for the game in

> - The reason the cursor is hidden when the pointer is locked is that some
> OSes don't have the ability to report relative mouse movement correctly at
> screen edges. This requires the cursors to constantly be reset to the
> center of the screen, which obviously would look strange if the cursor was
> visible.
Isn't that only a concern if you want to capture the cursor, not when you
display the OS cursor?

> - You already mentioned some issues with synthetic mouse events, but
> unfortunately it's worse than you suspect. For example: sending a synthetic
> click event to a checkbox doesn't actually change it's checked state. (Not
> the last time I tried anyway) select controls also have a hard time with
> synthetic events, and there's a whole host of other sub rely broken things.
> :(
Is there a motivation not to make it work? Clickjacking?

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