[FYI] Last Call of draft-ietf-appsawg-uri-get-off-my-lawn; deadline February 21

FYI, Mark's "URI Design and Ownership" Internet Draft (aka "URI, Get Off 
My Lawn") is now a Last Call Working Draft 
Please read the doc, especially the `Best Current Practices for 
Standardising Structured URIs` section if your spec defines a URI 
scheme, or parts thereof.

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FYI. The draft is available at:

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> Colleagues,
> This message initiates an extended Working Group Last Call for 
> draft-ietf-appsawg-uri-get-off-my-lawn, ending Friday, February 21, 
> 2014.  Please submit substantive comments of support or other review 
> feedback to apps-discuss@ietf.org <mailto:apps-discuss@ietf.org> 
> (preferably on this thread), or privately to the author or to 
> appsawg-chairs@tools.ietf.org <mailto:appsawg-chairs@tools.ietf.org>, 
> prior to that date.  We will need to see enough of these to be able to 
> judge rough consensus of the working group before it can be sent to 
> our Area Director to start the formal publication process.
> Someone (maybe Mark, since he is the liaison), please forward this 
> announcement to any appropriate W3C lists.
> Thank you,
> -MSK, APPSAWG co-chair
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